Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Adopt-a-Student Program

The Adopt-a-Student Program is one of the financial assistance programs of Bugallon Integrated School wherein the prospective benefactors are being evaluated by the donors.
Donors may be institutional, organizations, small groups, or private individuals that can help students with their special needs.
The program was made possible with the help of the following sponsors:
Mr. Alden Richards(of Alden Exclusive 02),Ms. Maria Editha Navoa and Ms. Nadine Mulato
And thru the initiative of Ms.Noemi Cao and Ms. Starrex Pantaleon.
Benefactor:Jerick Abarabar, of Grade 9 N.Cao from Laguit Padilla, Bugallon Pangasinan.
“The Adopt-a-Student program”may be unfamiliar or an ongoing practice in different institutions,yet it serves as an inspiration to help especially for those who are falling into abyss because of poverty.” Dr.Jonathan R. Estrada, Principal II of BIS said .
In behalf of the BIS family, our sincerest gratitude to all the sponsors. Indeed, sharing is caring!

National School Building Inventory (NSBI) Validation - Bugallon I District

Integration of Digitization in BIS

Integration of Digitization in BIS
The incorporation of Information and Communications Technology(ICT) in education in the classrooms as specified in DepEd Orders Number 42.s 2011 and 76 s. 2016 play as a vital role in the success of the Digital Literacy that benefits both —the teachers and the learners.
The Senior High school students of Bugallon Integrated school actively engaged in the discussion and Action Research defense in their Practical Research II subject using the tablets and computers provided by the school for digitization of learning.
Digitization is a term in the 21st Century for the integration of the rise of ICT in education.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

BIS Health Task Force Against COVID-19

“PTA COVID-19 Awareness Campaign”

In accordance with Division Memorandum 015 s.2020 and as a support to DepEd’s bandwagon “Kaisa AKO sa pagSULONG ng EduKALIDAD.”, Bugallon Integrated School created a Health Task Force(HTF) ,headed by Ms. Starrex Pantaleon(JHS teacher/RN), Ms.Andrea Castro(SHS teacher/Nursing graduate), and Mr. Carlo Giorgio DC. Cerezo(SHS teacher/RN), insinuated by Dr. Jonathan R. Estrada, Principal II of BIS as a response relative to the ongoing efforts of the Department of Education (DepEd) to take preventive measures against Corona Virus Disease 19(COVID-19) formerly 2019 Novel Corona Virus Disease -Acute Respiratory Disease(nCoV-ARD) .

BIS HTF strictly implemented all the inclusions asked in the given memorandum for the betterment of the learners, faculty, staff, administrators and even the stakeholders.
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Sunday, 16 February 2020

“Fight Against COVID-19”

Bugallon Integrated School in partnership with the Municipal Disaster Readiness Risk Reduction and Management Office(MDRRMO) of Bugallon held a classroom-based symposium entitled: “STOP COVID-19: Learners’ Safety is Top Priority”, last February 13,2020.
Sir Geoffry C.Diaz, Head Teacher I of BIS and Mr. Christopher Caramat, BIS,JHS SDRRM Coordinator spearheaded the event together with Mr. Roy Garimbao,SDRRM Coordinator of the Elementary department and... Dr. Jose Isidro V. Rico, RHU Municipal Doctor served as the resource speaker.
BIS weeklong awareness campaign against COVID-19 (short for Corona Virus Disease 2019) has been observed and all safety measures were done to prevent the spread of the disease in the whole campus.
Dr. Jonathan R. Estrada, Principal II of BIS had full support in all of the activities regarding the fight against COVID-19.

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“SSG Automated Elections 2020”

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) conducted an automated election for the SSG positions for the School Year 2020-2021 in Bugallon Integrated School spearheaded by the SSG advisers and officers which brought a lot of excitement to the students and the candidates.
Before the said event,SSG officers oriented the voters from the Junior and Senior high school department about the automated elections, that was made possible by the ICT teachers, Mr.... Jeofrey Ocsan (JHS department)and Mr. Julius Ferrer(SHS department). The grade 7, grade 8 and Senior Highschool students voted in the morning while the Grades 9 and 10 students voted in the afternoon. As they arrived in the polling precinct,they were given slips which had their username and password and were assisted by the SSG officers respectedly.
The results of the election were validated by the SSG -JHS adviser,Ms. Shielamay Aviles , SSG-SHS adviser, Mrs. Katherine B. Manlongat together with the SSG President, Sharmaine Evangelista,SSG Vice President, Mico Ocsillos and COMELEC Chairman,Genema Valenton.
The proclamation of newly elected SSG officers will be on February 17,2020.
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BIS’ supported Tree Planting Activity of “Project Imis”

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines(BSP), San Carlos City Pangasinan council and Bugallon Integrated School headed by Dr. Jonathan R. Estrada, Principal II of BIS, Mr. Geoffry C. Diaz, Head Teacher I, Mr. Christopher Caramat, BIS-JHS Faculty Club President,with the scouters namely Sctr. Jerald Maneclang, Sctr. Roever Zaratan, Sct. John Paul De Guzman and Sct.Lawrence Kyle Maralit attended the Tree Planting activity at Mount Zion, Laguit Padilla, Bugallon Pangasinan last February 14, 2020 at 6 o’clock in the morning.

 The activity was entitled “Planting Love” with the theme:” When you realize heart and earth are spelled with the same letters, it all starts to make sense.”, which was initiated by Honorable Congressman JUMEL ANTHONY I. ESPINO, together with the Municipal Councilors of Bugallon and with the assistance of PNP Bugallon in line with Cong J’s “Project Imis” which aims to help people in the second congressional district under his governance , which doesn’t only reach out to the poverty-stricken people but also helps in all aspects especially now on his advocacy in protecting and saving Mother Earth.

 BIS has actively participated the event to sustain its tagline, “BSP in action,BIS with Vision,Para sa kalikasan at sa bayan”, a proof of the full support to one of the projects of the Schools Division I of Pangasinan (SDO1 Pangasinan)which is the “Aksyong Pangkalikasan”, which helps to have a greener community and to let the residents of Bugallon have an interest and education on how to conserve the natural resources as the participants planted thousands of seedlings to Mt. Zion, one of the tourist spots in Bugallon.

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