Friday, 24 January 2020

Update on the construction of the restrooms/shower rooms(R1AA Ready!)

Update on the construction of the restrooms/shower rooms under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan R. Estrada, and Sir Geoffry C. Diaz.
Dahil ang Bugallon Integrated School ay may:
S-imple, ngunit
M-alinis na

para sa Team Pangasinan I players!
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Managing Risks and Resources Evaluation Day

What’s HAPPYning?

Managing Risks and Resources evaluation day with the auditing team from Salasa Elementary school, Torres Elementary school and San Francisco Elementary school in connection with the Workplace and Safety Organization(WSO) led by Dr. Catherine B. Operaña, PSDS Bugallon I District.
Workplace safety is really important for everybody in the institution because all the employees yearn to have a safe, conducive, and a protected working environment.
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“Make it a 3 o’clock Habit!”

Top 10 Benefits of having a clean and safe working environment in Bugallon Integrated School:
1. Conducive to learning.
2. Lessen absenteeism(avoid sickness).
3. Have more Parental Engagement.
4. Healthier and safer environment.
5. Productive education.
6. Help retain good learners and educators.
7. Lessen distractions.
8. Creates positive atmosphere.
9. Inviting/welcoming environment.
10. Prouder to be part of BIS family!

Let’s work on this together, BIS!
Happy to Serve❣️☺️
January 20-24,2020
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2020 Division Scilympics(Secondary Level)

Congratulations to all the winners on the recently concluded 2020 Division Scilympics(Secondary Level) with the Theme: “Engaging Science Enthusiasts through Industrial Revolution 4.O”held in Pangasinan National High School, Lingayen Pangasinan on January 24,2020.
4th place (Collage-making contest):
John Nikko Magno -Grade 10
Coach: Mr. Rhay-Ayan S. Riparip(JHS Teacher)
Senior High School
Teacher category
4th place Strategic Intervention Material
Salvador S. Manlongat,Ph.D(SHS Teacher)
Mabuhay ang BIS! Happy to win, Happy to Serve❣️🤗
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Sunday, 19 January 2020

One Dance for Team Pangasinan I

What’s HAPPYning?

Practice of the selected Bugallon I teachers for the R1AA doxology and closing salvo held last January 15-17,2020.

Trainers: Ma’am Vanessa De Guzman of Bugallon Integrated School(R1AA 2020 Choreographer)
with the selected students of BIS.

“One Spirit,
One Team,
United we WIN,

Happy to Serve❣️☺️

Bagong Taon, Bagong Pag-Asa

The Supreme Student Government (SSG) of the High School Department recently held its program entitled “Bagong Taon, Bagong Pag-Asa” as one of the major projects of the SSG thru a gift-giving where chosen learners from the High School Department were given learners kit.
Ma’am Shiela Aviles, SSG adviser and Sir Jun-Jun Estrada spearheaded the said event.

“SSG is proud to be working with our beloved school heads, Dr. Jonathan R. Estrada, principal II, Sir Geoffry C. Diaz , Head Teacher I and ofcourse the whole faculty and staff in BIS for the continuous all-out support to all the projects and programs of the SSG.” Ma’am Aviles said in an interview last January 17,2020.
-mam GCCC/Sir Carlo
Special thanks to our vloggers: Sharmaine Evangelista(SSG President) & Mico Oscillos(SSG Vice-President)👍👏
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"3 o’clock habit in BIS"

"3 o’clock habit in BIS"
Bugallon Integrated School- Since the start of classes last January 6, 2020, the 3 o'clock habit for Workplace Safety Organization (WSO) was observed by the students, faculty, administrators and staff along with the maintenance team by taking time to clean the rooms and the surroundings of BIS every 3:00 in the afternoon.
"Indeed, as the saying goes, “In unity , there’s strength.”, this statement is very true and visible in BIS for we believe that we can achieve success if we believe in one goal." Dr. Jonathan said in an interview last January 17,2020.
This 3 o'clock habit is a reminder of the DepEd's Mission to everybody.
Random photos were taken last June 6-10 and June 13-17.
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